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О компании

The history of World Medicine starts in the USA and springs from a family business that started with production and markting of only a couple of products. Since then the company developed into transnational global company and is one of the most famous and rapidlly progressing companies on the worldwide pharmaceutical market.

The company has now a presence in key therapeutic segments like SSPs, cephalosporins, CNS, cardio-vascular, metabolic products, gastroenterology, dermatologicals, herbals etc.

Over the years, World Medicine has evolved into a knowledge driven company. It is R&D focused, has a multi-product portfolio with multi-country manufacturing facilities, and is becoming a marketing conglomerate across the world.

Key Dates:

1998: The company is incorporated as World Medicine in USA.
2000: Affiliated companies founded in Canada and Mexico.
2002: Affiliated companies founded in Brasil and Argentina.
2004: Affiliated company founded in Uk and Turkey with the aim to enter the markets in Europe, Middle East and CIS countries.
2005: Affiliated companies founded in Spain, France, Poland, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
2006: Affiliated companies founded in Egypt, Hong Kong, Germany and Moldova.
2007: Affiliated companies founded in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
2008: Affiliated companies founded in Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Sudan and Aphganistan
2010: Affiliated company founded in Iraq

The corporate culture of World Medicine is defined by our values recognized by all employees:

• Attitude to people,
• Professionalism of employees, unity of collective,
• Implementing of ethical standards in work, fulfilling the promises, healthy competition,
• Establishing partner relations on the terms of mutual understanding, mutual aid, mutual benefit,
• Encouragement of non-standard approaches in work, search for new perspective ways to move forward,
• Aspiration for achievement of good results, profitableness and working performance.

Understanding a high responsibility for the consumers and a society, World Medicine first of all concentrates the financial and intellectual resources to R&D aimed to create original medical products, and also decrease in the costs of manufacture in order to supply cost effective medicines to people. Constant introduction of high technologies, maintenance of high rates of productivity and a high quality of finished production, launch of new products to the pharmaceutical markets, improvement of professional skills of general practitioners – are the basic activity directions of the company and the main priorities of corporate philosophy of the enterprise built up on understanding of the responsibility for health of a society.

We consider the protection of the environment as our direct responsibility and all our processes and technologies incorporate this feature. A clean and green environment is an absolute necessity and we ensure this by collaborating highly qualified manufacturers. We actively support and fund various environmental organizations in their crusade to make this place a better world to live in.

World Medicine takes care about health and the improvement people’s quality of life. For this reason the company participates in events of various spheres of human activity, and its sponsor’s activity is directed on support of public health services, humanitarian and sport events, education, scientific researches and culture.

World Medicine provides annually considerable funds for active participation in public life – organizes charity campaigns, research and practice conferences for experts, invests into development of medical educational programs.